Hot Topics for The Secret Language of Feelings

Feelings and emotions are at the root of all human experience and behavior.  So, Calvin Banyan and his The Secret Language of Feelings is a good fit for almost any story or topic.

Here are some examples

Love & Relationships

Love, friendship and family are among the most important parts of life.  The Secret Language of Feelings shows how we are motivated to move toward or away from the people in our lives.  One of the most powerful human emotions is love.  Calvin Banyan talks about how we fail to fulfill this important human need and plunge ourselves into loneliness and even depression.  These painful feelings lead to over eating, drug abuse and more.


By definition terrorism is the use of fear to bring about a political agenda.  Learning about The Secret Language of Feelings helps your audience to better understand the nature of fear and how to use it in an effective and useful way.  Without understanding the nature of emotions such as fear they will experience increased stress, frustration and even depression.  When it is understood, fear is much easier to bring on rational feelings of safety and security.


Be it road rage, family violence, or violence in the workplace, learning about the The Secret Language of Feelings helps your audience to understand how anger, frustration and even depression are involved,  He also talks about how to prevent this kind of tragedy by learning how to work with emotions.


Stress management is always of interest to your audience.  Calvin Banyan will place a new light on the subject by explaining that there is really more than one kind of stress, one that is a generalized stress, caused by not satisfying feelings, another kind caused by simply being overloaded with things to do.  Also there is another dimension which he calls internal and external stress.  External stress is usually transient and comes from the challenges that we encounter in our daily lives.  Internal stress is a chronic stress that comes from what we carry along inside of us, such as old anger, guilt, tension, anxiety as well as habits of self-criticism and so on.


Depression is a leading cause of death in our society.  Without a deeper understanding of how this extremely powerful emotion works we can only turn to drugs.  But Calvin Banyan offers an alternative.  He explains how hope is the true antidote to depression and how your audience can use a 3 step process that can move people from depression and hopelessness into hope and healing.

Emotions Explained in the Secret Language of Feelings Include
Anger, Guilt, Sadness, Boredom, Loneliness, Inadequacy, Stress,
Fear, Frustration, Depression and Sympathy


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Calvin Banyan is also an expert on hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  He writes and trains for the National Guild of Hypnotists.  He was awarded the honor of being named their Certified Instructor of the Year for 2002.  He has appeared on TV, radio and a documentary on hypnosis.  He is the author of the best selling hypnosis and hypnotherapy book on, “Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional”.  Click here to see Banyan’s book on