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The Secret Language of Feelings is a revelation.”  It is a fresh look at emotions and how they affect us in our daily lives.  This new book will provide you with some of the most valuable information available today about your inner life, your emotions and all of the powerful feelings that have made you feel bad.

  • Understand the true meaning behind your feelings.
  • Find out what you really want and know how to make yourself happy and successful.
  • Understand others and and improve communication.
  • Overcome painful emotions such as anger, frustration and even depression!
  • What every parent, teacher or helping professional needs to be more effective.
  • Essential information for those who want to overcome old habits and addictions such as overeating, alcohol abuse and more.

With The Secret Language of Feelings you learn how to take back control of how you feel and what you do.  This information is essential in understanding the nature of habits, compulsions and addictions.  Click on the graphics below and read some of this powerful new book!

A Brief Description of The Secret Language of Feelings

It is a secret that was never meant to be kept.  Inside of each of us lies a wealth of knowledge and understanding, but we have learned to ignore it or deny it.

The Secret Language of Feelings is a book that explains what hypnotherapist Calvin D. Banyan learned from thousands of hours of doing intensive hypnotherapy.  His style of hypnosis includes hypnotic age regression in which he suggests to his clients that they follow the symptoms of their problems back to their origins.  This process began to reveal the emotional component to so many of the problems that his clients had been experiencing, including difficulty in losing weight, or quitting smoking, and much more.

This list could go on and on but other issues include irrational fears, feelings of low self-esteem, compulsions, all kinds of addictions, as well as difficulties in getting motivated, or experiencing significant problems with procrastination.  As the evidence mounted, he discovered that what these problems all had in common was that they served the purpose of coping with emotional pain from either what was going on now, or from something from the past.

As the sessions added up, and he watched one problem after another clear up as he learned that “All feelings are good!”  He began to explain this to his clients, and then to his students.  He taught them that all feelings, meaning emotions, are good if the cause of the feeling is being generated by accurate perceptions about ourselves, family, friends and our world.  This, he taught, means that we should never ignore or deny the way we feel.  It is the action of attempting to cope with our feelings without understanding the meaning of each one that has led to so much pain, dependency and even death in our culture.

When one of his students started teaching the “Secret Language” in her counseling classes she realized that her students would benefit from a book on the subject, and she asked Calvin Banyan to write one for her.  The result is the book, The Secret Language of Feelings.

By reading this book you will learn how to listen to your emotions and learn what they are trying to tell you to do.  There is a healthy way to respond to each feeling and emotion that you have ever experienced!  So stop coping with your feelings and start responding to them in a satisfying and healthy way.  Learn about The Wisdom of Sadness, The Wisdom of Anger, and even the Wisdom of Depression.

Then learn a simple step by step process that will enable you to take back control of what you are doing and feeling through a simple three step process.  This book will also help you to understand others as well as yourself in a completely new and more accurate way.  It is essential reading for any helping professional, as well as parents, teachers, managers, and just about anyone who needs to work with other people.

NEWS: Sharing Ideas Magazine says, The Secret Language of Feelings Is a Fresh New Look At Emotions!

We are pleased to report that, Sharing Ideas Magazine, the leading international magazine for speakers, meeting planners, trainers and seminary leaders has reviewed Calvin Banyan’s new book and says, “The Secret Language of Feelings, is a fresh look at emotions and how they affect you.  Written in plain English, it provides you with some of the most valuable information available today about your inner life, your emotions.  Includes a simple 3-step process that enables you to take back control of how you feel and what you do.”

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