The Secret Language of Feelings
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Introduction to The Secret Language of Feelings Program – Episode 0

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Hello everybody; this is Cal Banyan with the Secret Language of Feelings Program.

Everything society and your family told you about emotions was probably completely wrong that‘s why people eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, shop too much, sex too much and all of those too much behaviors.

In this program we’re going to talk about the truth about emotions and as you learn that truth you’re going to be able to live a more satisfying life than you’ve ever lived before and take back control of how you feel and what you’re doing.

Where did this information come from not from some stuffy old psychology department somewhere, rather it came from careful observation of thousands of hypnosis sessions where myself as a Hypnotherapist and professional hypnotist was able to observe what really goes on in the subconscious mind as individuals who are out of control for eating to much, drinking to much, smoking to much, angering to much, crying to much and all of those to much behaviors. What I’m going to cover in the episodes that are to follow, are basically how to take back control of your life. How to end unwanted behaviors without ever feeling deprived and just finding happiness, you’re going to learn so much more about yourself and when you learn the Secret Language of Feelings, you’re going to have unfair advantage over everybody that you know; because you’re going to be able read them like a book.

For more information for each one of these episodes, there is going to be some program notes, where there is going to be added information and links to resources that I announce in each one of our little episodes here. So I’ll hope you’ll check back to wherever you’re seeing this program right now, and to go to and while you’re there take a look around, you’ll find more things of interest on this topic. Until next time this is Cal Banyan signing off.

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