The Secret Language of Feelings
The Secret Language of Feelings

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Why People Do Such Crazy Stuff (Completed) ? Normal Healthy Depression is a Time to Rest, and Get Ready to Try Again – Episode 3

Downward spiral of depression.In this program, I start to get into the story about why people do such crazy stuff, like eating too much when they want to lose weight, or drinking alcohol when they want to be sober, or working too much when they want to have a better home life and so on.

What you learn is that people have feelings that are painful, such as anger, sadness, loneliness, and such.  But since we have been made to feel bad about feeling bad, then we have learned to deny, ignore, and repress our feelings.  We learned somewhere along the way that we can do this by simply taking our mind off of the bad feeling and what is causing us to feel that way by placing our minds on something else.  As a result, when we feel bad, the over eaters eat, the drinkers drink, the smokers smoke, and the sex-aholics (well, you get the idea).

Take a look at the graphic on the left.  It shows how we can feel bad and then distract.  Then when the distraction is over, we feel bad once again.

This process is reinforced because we feel better when we distract, and the habit develops.  But it makes things worse.  Since we don’t do anything about what is causing the feeling, the feeling persists and leads to frustration.  We will talk more about this in the next program. 

When you learn how your feelings really work, you get back a sense of control in your life, and really begin to use a very special kind of innate wisdom that you have been ignoring.  Those feelings are there to help and guide you to a happier and more successful life.

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2 Responses to “Why People Do Such Crazy Stuff (Completed) ? Normal Healthy Depression is a Time to Rest, and Get Ready to Try Again – Episode 3”

  1. elona Says:

    Great timing. I’ve had such a frustrating day at work in and out of the classroom. What you have said here ties in nicely with one of the nine things my students taught me about classroom management and teaching as outlined in a recent post I wrote in .Specifically, tomorrow is another day. When I feel very frustrated in the classroom or out of it for that matter, I know that my needs aren’t being met , and I need to take a break and come at the issue in a new way that does not entail meeting my emotional needs in an unhealthy way. I need to remember it’s ok to feel angry, sad, etc. , and not to deny, repress or ignore these feelings. I need to acknowledge them and that it’s ok to feel that way. I have found that these negative emotions do not last. Tommorow is another day. But, then I’m an optimist.

  2. Celeste Hackett, CH, CPHI Says:

    Yippeeee! I am delighted to see the message spread for free! EVERYONE NEEDS this. I don’t know where I would be as a hypnotist if I didn’t know the secret language of feelngs. OH, yes I do, I’d be having far less better results.

    I teach this to my clients, I use it in hypnosis sessions and I use it in my personal life to help myself feel better and to understand the behavior of my friends and family.

    It is magic.

    Listen to this and learn THIS. You’ll automatically understand people like never before! Your life will be more satisfying and the best thing is…it’s so easy and now FREEEEEE!

    Celeste Hackett, CH

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