The Secret Language of Feelings
The Secret Language of Feelings

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Introduction to The Secret Language of Feelings Program – Episode 0

The Secret Language Of FeelingsWelcome to this very brief introductory episode to The Secret Language of Feelings Program.  It is just a couple of minutes long, but it lets you know what is coming up.  You are going to learn why people do such crazy things, such as eating too much when you want to lose weight, drinking when you want to be sober, and so on.  You are going to learn that all feelings are good.  They are there to help and guide you, and when you learn The Secret Language of Feelings you spend a lot less time feeling bad and a lot more time being happy and leading a more satisfying life. 

Also, since this secret language is a kind of wisdom, you will better understand what you want in life, as well as what others really want.  In a way, you will actually have an unfair advantage over others who don’t understand what their feelings are telling them to do.  As a matter of fact, it will make you into a better person, a better parent, coach, spouse or manager.  You will be a better communicator, as well.

So, keep checking back, it is time to learn the truth about emotions. As the programs are published, we will get into how to start using these feelings to create a much happier and successful life, and take control of what you are doing.  Many will find that they can stop eating too much, drinking too much, shopping too much, and so on, and never feel deprived, rather they will be more satisfied with the lives they are living than ever before!

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